We transcribe any audio file into text…

shutterstock_70824367 We transcribe any audio file into text. Whatever your industry, or the scope of your project, we provide accurate, professional audio transcriptions in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

AudioSense is a multi-lingual, multi-national audio transcription service. We have an in-house team who can currently transcribe the following languages: Spanish, Catalan, French, English, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), German, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Arab, Swedish, Danish, Russian, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Mandarin, Hungarian, Czech, Vietnamese, Hindi, Dutch, Flemish, Polish, Norwegian, Latvian. We can, however, meet the needs of any other language requirements.

The recipe for a successful transcriber!

To be a successful audio transcriber you need a host of skills in your armoury.

You must have:

  • Accuracy Misrepresenting the data you are transcribing could radically alter its meaning and make the transcription redundant. In order to provide the client with valuable, usable information you must ensure that the audio is transcribed precisely and accurately.

  • Focus To transcribe audio into written text requires enormous levels of concentration and attention. If you need to listen to the same piece of audio several times in order to capture each comment, the whole process is going to be a lot slower and more arduous than it ought to be.

  • Analytical abilities When performing edited transcripts, you need to be able to analyse and interpret the commentary instantaneously. You must be able to capture the exact sense of the audio whilst omitting verbal errors and non verbal interaction such as coughing. Having an instinctive sense of what to include and what to disregard will ensure the quality of the end transcription.

  • Keyboard skills Though this may seem insignificant, if your fingers can’t keep up with what your brain is processing, you are not going to be able to transcribe the audio before you forget what’s been said!

  • Specific project knowledge Sometimes, the audio you need to transcribe will be full of jargon or specific industry-related vocabulary. Naturally, good transcribers will need to be aware of what specific language they are likely to encounter in order to guarantee accuracy.

  • Language comprehension Speech differs greatly from the written word and is more likely to be less formal. A thorough understanding of the language that you are transcribing will ensure that you express any verbal nuances with skill and clarity.

At AudioSense, our inhouse team of transcribers from around the globe have all the requisite skills to deliver first class, edited transcriptions in any language.

Why choose AudioSense?

  • Our team is made up of 40 professional transcribers from all around the world. We insist on using native speakers who can understand perfectly the different accents, slang and culture of their particular country.
  • We take the time to research each project to improve our understanding of the audio and to ensure the accurate reproduction of any product names that may be used.
  • We capture the nuance of the recording and edit the transcription for sense removing pauses, hesitations and repeated words. This aids clarity and understanding.
  • Our transcription bureau is UK based and our team receive thorough training to offer the consistency and quality that you expect.
  • We routinely review our work to ensure that we are constantly striving to improve our service and to guarantee the standard.
  • We take every measure to ensure that your data is securely stored and protected. The data never leaves the EU and the equipment used, the hosting and the software all comply with rigorous security standards. Want to know more about our security policy?

Verbatim or Transcription Transcripts?

There are two main types of transcriptions: verbatim and edited transcripts.

A client asking for a verbatim transcript requires literally every single word to be recorded. In verbatim transcription, half sentences and phrases, stutters, repetitions, silences, fillers like “mmmm…”, “hmmmm”, “I mean” all need to be recorded. Even emotional responses such as laughter, fear, excitement and voice tremors ought to be noted down. Verbatim transcripts are very time consuming and consequently are the most expensive.

At AudioSense, we use edited transcripts. In these transcripts, the transcriber can omit irrelevant sentences while transcribing. Edited transcripts must convey the understanding of the audio’s content rather than record every word. Preserving the sense of the content without recording all the spoken errors and verbal tics creates very usable transcription. These type of transcription are ideal for transcribing an audio-recorded file of a survey, seminar, speeches or conferences and they are invariably better value for money!


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