Nín hǎo!

Tan Shi Yi

Hi there, my name is Tan Shi Yi. Feel free to call me Shi Yi or Tan – a common mistake is to call me Shi! I am from Malaysia where most of the people speak the local language and Mandarin fluently.

I am currently living in Bristol, where I am in my second year reading Law LLB at the University of Bristol. I am, therefore, also quite fluent in English and I know a little German as I started learning independently in 2013.

I love working with languages, studying them and discovering connections between different languages. Some of my hobbies are travelling, watching football, listening to music, reading, creating art and trying new recipes so a knowledge of languages is an asset for me.

I am working for Square Systems undertaking Malaysian and Mandarin transcriptions. It is good to help people while using my language skills. Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world and, at the moment, China is the second biggest and most prosperous economy on earth.