Verbatim or Transcription Transcripts?

There are two main types of transcriptions: verbatim and edited transcripts.

A client asking for a verbatim transcript requires literally every single word to be recorded. In verbatim transcription, half sentences and phrases, stutters, repetitions, silences, fillers like “mmmm…”, “hmmmm”, “I mean” all need to be recorded. Even emotional responses such as laughter, fear, excitement and voice tremors ought to be noted down. Verbatim transcripts are very time consuming and consequently are the most expensive.

At AudioSense, we use edited transcripts. In these transcripts, the transcriber can omit irrelevant sentences while transcribing. Edited transcripts must convey the understanding of the audio’s content rather than record every word. Preserving the sense of the content without recording all the spoken errors and verbal tics creates very usable transcription. These type of transcription are ideal for transcribing an audio-recorded file of a survey, seminar, speeches or conferences and they are invariably better value for money!